Erin celebrating the holidays with family (Courtesy of Erin Center)

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a call to action for many of the “helpers” in this world. One way or another, the world has seen numerous people come out and make a difference for the sake of helping others during these hard times. Possibly the biggest acknowledgments go to the…

I asked nine different college students what the scariest part of the future was. They were welcomed to answer freely. Some chose to speak about their personal future, while others answered on a deeper level.

Although, a common fear lurked underneath every answer, in the form of the unknown.

“Because I like to Win”- Max Rovner

“I’ve always liked to play sports video games over Call of Duty and games like that. I like playing NHL because I played hockey my whole life, so I have always been drawn to this game. I liked playing it because I could…

Joe Chiarmonte

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